Kosher Clothing is a new streetwear brand that brings unique clothing made from cartoon styled designs. It was created to show people the carefree side of the world we live in today by fusing elements of different concepts and popular culture.

We aim to bring extraordinary designs taking inspiration from the skateboarding and stoner cultures, while producing stand out garments in our own artistic style.

The designs currently seen so far have been blended from these two cultures and taken other inspiration from well known brands such as: Bape, Stussy, Thrasher etc. This along with other ideas seen from street-art (like graffiti), hip hop and then finally anime; with our signature monkey taking influence from One Piece.

With the world changing more and more everyday we hope to fuse our current ideas and influences with the current state of the world in order to show the more relaxed and casual side to it though our designs and the help of all those involved. 

Kosher Clothing 

Established 2018.